Tricia Walters, is a new face to the Toronto makeup industry. A self-taught Makeup artist who can find a way to touch clients a little deeper than just with her tools of the trade.

She is driven by passion and this makes her style hard to categorize. Tricia feels everyone’s light needs to shine from the inside out, and how she applies makeup is based heavily on feeling.

“I try to feel the words the client describes so I can pull from that.”

This mother of 3 balances motherhood a full-time job and still makes sure she has time for makeup clients.

Her work has been showcased in weddings, fashion shows, magazine covers, and various client photo shoots.

She leaves you feeling fine and fierce every time.

Based On A True Story

It's the video that went viral as Tricia Walters opened up about her struggle with feelings of low self-esteem and being 'unpretty' due to living with alopecia.